Our Facilities

After four successful years, Camp Whip-Poor-Will moved to land owned by Charlotte Latin school, remaining there for 10 more very successful years. Another year of transition proceeded until Camp Whip-Poor-Will at last settled in at its final home on NewTown Road in Waxhaw NC, where it remained from 1998 until 2018 when Hurricane Florence flooded the grounds and facilities. 2019 was another transitional phase and in 2020 the coronavirus intervened to end Camp Whip-Poor-Will’s career as a physical location.

Camp Whip-Poor-Will at Charlotte Latin

Camp Whip-Poor-Will leased land back of the soccer field at Charlotte Latin, with anticipation of one year of camping while the search was on for a new camp home, having lost the prior property to another camp group. The only building on the land was a small cottage, a lake area, and a small amount of wooded areas, though most of the space was open land.

As year by year a new lease was granted, each year additional needs led the camp to gradually provide a fishing dock, arts and crafts deck extended at side of the cottage, a stage for performances and bleachers for daily all camp times. Large tipis, were erected, small tents at “homes in the woods,” and a sandy canoe area were provided as well as a large tent 

for gatherings and a closed in animal and horse area. The school gym on the Latin campus was leased for rainy days and counselors, at camp training, prepared to make those days special! Camp Little Whip-Poor-Will, a part day program for young preschoolers, was conducted in classrooms and outdoor spaces on the academic side of the school. 

Camp Whip-Poor-Will
Waxhaw NC

At the New Town campus, Camp Whip-Poor-Will developed an extensive Lodge, a Greenhouse, added new buildings and more. However, land-use issues forced a sale of the property on which the camp was leased thereby bringing insurmountable challenges to the continuation of a physical campus.